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08 February 2011 @ 10:53 pm
Supreme Logic Fail  
It appears that the Minister for Regional Development has been providing training for staff to learn Irish, if they so wish. Whilst I am not opposed to people learning Irish the rationale given by Conor Murphy is lacking in logic:

"There have also been practical benefits, as staff have been able to use their skills to assist the department to deal with telephone calls, correspondence and other Irish language issues."

Are people from the Gaeltachts in the South calling up the department? For the life of me that would be the only reason for needing staff able to communicate in Irish. And that would beg the question as to why Northern Ireland had gained responsibility for these areas of the the Republic.

Last paragraph tongue in cheek of course.

Personally speaking, I wish the Minister had bothered his arse to respond to my query on his position on reform of English Libel Laws - seeing that he is my MP. Perhaps I should have written it in Irish.